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NVIDIA GRID GPUs - Designed to Enable Rich Graphics in Virtualized Environments

Take advantage of the NVIDIA GRID GPU acceleration to give users the same rich graphics experience they would get from a dedicated workstation under their desk. NVIDIA GRID boards are designed for higher GPU densities, with 2 or4 GPUs per card.

NVIDIA GRID GPUs - GRID K1 / GRID K2 / Tesla M10 / Tesla M60

Feature GRID K1 GRID K2 Tesla M10 Tesla M60
Number of GPUs 4 x entry Kepler GPUs 2 x high-end Kepler GPUs 4 x high-end Maxwell GPUs 2 x high-end Maxwell GPUs
Total NVIDIA CUDA cores 768 3072 2560 4096
Total memory size 16 GB DDR3 8 GB GDDR5 32 GB GDDR5 16 GB GDDR5
Max power 130 W 225 W 225W 300W
Board length 10.5” 10.5” 10.5” 10.5”
Board height 4.4” 4.4” 4.4” 4.4”
Board width Dual slot Dual slot PCIE 3.0 Dual Slot PCIE 3.0 Dual Slot
Display IO None None None None
Aux power 6-pin connector 8-pin connector 8-pin connector 8-pin connector
PCIe x16 x16 x16 x16
PCIe generation Gen3 (Gen2 compatible) Gen3 (Gen2 compatible) Gen3 Gen3
Cooling solution Passive Passive Passive Passive / Active
Technical Specifications GRID K1 GRID K2 Tesla M10 Tesla M60
GIRD GPU Server GRID Server - Pass-through
GRID Server - vGPU


GPU Virtualization
GRID boards feature the NVIDIA Kepler architecture that, for the first time, allows hardware virtualization of the GPU. This means multiple users can share a single GPU, improving user density while providing true PC performance and compatibility.
Low-Latency Remote Display
NVIDIA's patented low-latency remote display technology greatly improves the user experience by reducing the lag that users feel when interacting with their virtual machine. With this technology, the virtual desktop screen is pushed directly to the remoting protocol.
H.264 Encoding
The Kepler GPU includes a high-performance H.264 encoding engine capable of encoding simultaneous streams with superior quality. This provides a giant leap forward in cloud server efficiency by offloading the CPU from encoding functions and allowing the encode function to scale with the number of GPUs in a server.
Maximum User Density
NVIDIA GRID boards have an optimized multi-GPU design that helps to maximize user density. GRID K1 boards, which include four Kepler-based GPUs and 16GB of memory, are designed to host the maximum number of concurrent users. GRID K2 boards, which include two higher end Kepler GPUs and 8GB of memory, deliver maximum density for users of graphics-intensive applications.
Power Efficiency
GRID GPUs are designed to provide data center-class power efficiency, including the revolutionary new streaming multiprocessor, called "SMX". The result is an innovative, proven solution that delivers revolutionary performance per-watt for the enterprise data center.
24/7 Reliability
GRID boards are designed, built, and tested by NVIDIA for 24/7 operation.
Widest Range of Virtualization Solutions
GRID boards enable GPU-capable virtualization solutions from Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware, delivering the flexibility to choose from a wide range of proven solutions.