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NVIDIA Tesla M60 - Active Model

NVIDIA 900-2G402-0020-010 Tesla M60 GPU Computing Accelerator

Accelerate your most demanding high-performance data analytics and scientific computing applications with the NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated-Computing Platform. Tesla GPU Accelerators are built on the NVIDIA Maxwell compute architecture and powered by CUDA,® the world’s most pervasive parallel-computing model. This accelerator is designed for the most demanding computational tasks, combining 24 GB of memory with blazing-fast memory bandwidth and leading compute performance for single and double precision workloads. Equipped with the latest NVIDIA GPU Boost technology, the Tesla M60 intelligently monitors GPU usage to maximize throughput1 and outperforms CPUs by up to 10x.

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Part Number 900-2G402-0020-010
Number of GPUs 2 x GM205
Memory size (GDDR5) 16 GB
CUDA cores 4096
Peak double precision floating point performance 0.3 Tflops
Peak single precision floating point performance 9.7 Tflops
Memory bandwidth (ECC off) 320 GB/sec
GPU Computing Applications Machine Learning and Data Analytics, Seismic Processing, Computational Biology and Chemistry, Weather and Climate Modeling, Image, Video, , Signal Processing, Computational Finance/Physics, CAE, and CFD
Architecture Features SMX, Dynamic Parallelism, Hyper-Q
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