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Intel SC7220P Xeon Phi 7220P Coprocessor

Intel SC7220P Xeon Phi Coprocessor 7220P

  • 68 Cores, 272 Threads
  • 1.20 GHz

System Flexibility - build a system that can support wide range of applications and workloads from serial to highly parallel while leveraging code optimized for Xeon or Xeon Phi. 

Maximize Density - gain significant performance improvements with limited acquisition cost by maximizing system density.  

Upgrade Path - improve performance by adding to a Xeon system or upgrading from the Knights Corner coprocessor with minimum system or code changes.  

Protect Code Investment - Future-proof code is optimized for a general purpose CPU architecture with open standards  

Common Programming Model - Single code optimization for Xeon and Xeon Phi and ability to leverage existing code & developer bases

Scales to a Complete Solution - Intel is making significant investments in compute, I/O, memory, storage AND software through the Intel Scalable System Framework. 

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Part Number SC7220P
Core/ Threads 68/272
GHz 1.20
Turbo Yes
Memory 16GB
Graphics No
Watt 275W
Pkg PCIe
Cooling Passive