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Workstation Graphics and HPC Solutions  

Matrox Graphics is a global manufacturer of reliable, high-quality ASICs, boards, appliances, and software. Backed by in-house design expertise and dedicated customer support, Matrox products deliver stellar capture, extension, distribution, and display. Engineering high-quality products since 1976, Matrox technology is trusted by professionals and partners worldwide.

Video Wall Products

Matrox video display wall products have the most scalable architecture in the industry, and enable OEMs and A/V Integrators to customize installations based on customer-specific requirements.

Matrox display wall controller boards provide flexible setups. Display more.

Matrox Mura IPX 4K Capture & IP Encode/Decode Boards

Matrox Mura™ IPX is an award-winning line of 4K capture and IP encode/decode boards that let OEMs and AV system builders deliver advanced video wall controllers featuring high-quality, low-bit-rate, multi-channel 4K or HD encoding and decoding over standard IP.

Designed to work with Mura MPX video wall capture and display boards or Matrox C-Series™ multi-display graphics cards, Mura IPX packs 4K capture plus high-density encode and decode functionality onto a single PCIe® card to simplify integration and reduce installation costs.

Matrox Mura IPX 4K Capture and IP Decode (New!) Matrox Mura IPX 4K Capture and IP Encode/Decode (New!)  
AV over IP H.264 Encoders & Decoders


Matrox H.264 encoders and decoders deliver exceptional quality AV streaming at low bandwidth over standard IP networks for display or for storage anywhere on the LAN.

Matrox Maevex H.264 Encoders & Decoders

Matrox Maevex™ features an encoder/decoder pair that delivers Full HD 1080p60 video and audio over standard LAN connectivity at user-defined low bit rates for minimal network bandwidth consumption and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. The Maevex encoder also provides open standard encoding, allowing for both Maevex decoder and software based playback. Recording up to 1080p60 to NAS or a network-shared drive is also enabled. All Maevex hardware comes packaged with Matrox PowerStream software, allowing for easy remote management of Maevex devices and enabling of a wide variety of user-defined stream-management features.

Matrox Maevex Encoder/Decoder Bundle Matrox Maevex Encoder Matrox Maevex Decoder
Matrox Maevex 6100 4K Streaming & Recording Quad Encoder Card Matrox Maevex 6150 Quad 4K Enterprise Encoder Appliance  


KVM Extenders


Matrox KVM Extenders separate standard peripherals such as keyboard, video and mouse from the computer by up to 10 km (6.2 mi) with fiber-optic cabling. This extension technology offers a variety of connectivity options and supports dual, quad, and more, multi-monitor configurations.

Matrox Avio KVM Extenders
Matrox Avio™ F120 and F125 KVM extenders consist of a transmitter and receiver pair. The Avio transmitter unit captures I/O functionality of the host computer and sends it uncompressed over a single duplex LC-LC fiber optic cable to the Avio receiver unit, letting you separate the computer from the user environment and place it in a climate controlled machine room. Its high bandwidth transmission maintains system performance and does not introduce any latency or dropped frames.
Matrox Avio F125 Transmitter Matrox Avio F125 Receiver Matrox Avio F120 Transmitter
Matrox Avio F120 Receiver Matrox Avio SFP Single-Mode upgrade kit  
Matrox Extio KVM Extenders
The Matrox Extio™ Series is ideal for environments requiring data security, low heat emissions, no noise and more workspace. Leveraging PCI Express bus extension technology, Extio separates I/O devices from the computer and drives multiple monitors from a distance to deliver a user experience that parallels a working environment in which the computer is situated at the user's desk.
Matrox Extio F2408E Expander Matrox Extio F2408 Matrox Extio F2208
Matrox Extio PCIe Interface Card Matrox Extio Upgrade Kit  
External Multi-Display Adapters

Matrox DualHead2Go™ and TripleHead2Go™ external multi-display adapters let you add two or three monitors to your laptop or desktop computer. They connect to the video output of your system and use its existing GPU to provide high quality, uncompressed graphics and video across all monitors. These little black or silver boxes are perfect for bringing multi-monitor functionality to computers with only one monitor, such as systems with integrated graphics or no available expansion slots—or closed systems that have already been validated.

Matrox DualHead2Go External Multi-Display Adapters
Matrox DualHead2Go external multi-display adapters add up to two monitors to your laptop or desktop computer. It connects to the video output of your system and uses the system's existing GPU to provide high-quality, uncompressed graphics and video across all monitors. Ideal for business and professional users looking to increase their productivity with a dual display setup, this little black box lets you run different applications on each monitor or view one application across two monitors.
Matrox DualHead2Go DP Edition Matrox DualHead2Go Digital SE  
Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Matrox DualHead2Go Analog  
Matrox DualHead2Go Digital ME    
Matrox TripleHead2Go External Multi-Display Adapters
Matrox TripleHead2Go external multi-display adapters add up to three monitors to your laptop or desktop computer. It connects to the video output of your system and uses the system's existing GPU to provide high-quality, uncompressed graphics and video across all monitors. Ideal for professionals requiring more desktop space for maximum productivity, Pro A/V specialists looking to create unique multi-screen setups, and gamers wanting a totally immersive experience—this little black box lets you run different applications on each display or view one application across multiple monitors.
Intel Matrox TripleHead2Go DP Edition Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital SE  
Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital    


Streaming and Recording Devices

Matrox Monarch HDX Streaming and Recording Device
The Matrox Monarch HDX is a simple and versatile video encoding appliance specifically designed for broadcasters and webcasters who need a flexible solution that is powerful enough to take on today’s demanding video delivery workflows. Monarch HDX offers 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs with frame-synchronization to correct any discontinuity at the input, and two independent H.264 encoders that can be assigned to individual tasks.
Matrox Monarch HDX Matrox MC-100 Matrox Convert DVI Plus
Matrox Monarch HD Matrox MicroQuad Matrox Monarch LCS (New!)
Capture Cards for Streaming
Matrox Mojito MAX and Matrox VS4 capture cards are ideal for streaming and webcasting live events. Matrox capture cards for streaming are optimized for professional streaming and/or broadcasting productions such as news, sports, concerts, educational seminars, and corporate meetings.
Matrox VS4 Matrox Mojito 4K  


Video Adapters

Video Adapters for Matrox Mura Devices
Matrox video adapters let you convert different sources for your Matrox Mura device.
Matrox S-Video to DVI Input Adapter Matrox Component Video to DVI Input Adapter  
Matrox Composite video to DVI Input Adapter