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Play-Out Composer is real-time video processing and playback software for multi-display and media compositing, capable of handing various media sources including graphics, video, sound, Web URL, streaming video, RSS live feed, and live inputs (DVI, HD-SDI) across multiple display areas in high resolution. With an intuitive interface and timeline-based management, users can easily select media objects and drag into the canvas for real-time content display.
Media library
Image, video, web URL, 3D objects, IP video stream, live inputs (SD/HD-SDI/DVI)
Preview canvas
Real time media preview, “WYSIWYG”
Layers and media editing
• Unlimited video layers
• Media editing: volume, chroma key, rotation, scale, opacity, position,
cropping, and more
• Content management
• Scheduling
• Video playback commands: loop, stop, jump to, and more
Play-Out Composer Virtual Display
Play-Out Composer “Virtual Display” is a render display window on top of the Windows desktop. A Virtual Display can be of any size or shape freely moved, resized, edge blended and overlap to another Virtual Display. Whether combing multiple outputs as one big display in any size or creating numerous display in any shape, Play-Out Composer is the truly innovative and versatile display solution.

The following video demonstrates the capabilities of Play-Out Composer:

In this video:

  • Play-Out Composer is being used with 4x Virtual Displays
  • Each virtual display has a resolution of 5760x2160
  • There is 100% full synchronization of media between graphics cards
  • Mixed video cards are being used to demonstrate the utilization of Virtual Display (This is not a recommended practice or configuration)

System Setup:

  • Windows 10
  • 4x Virtual display groups with a size of 5760x2160
  • 24x 1920x1080 display
  • 2x Matrox C680 with 6 out
  • 2x AMD W600 with 6 out
Product Highlights
Any shape
Play-Out Composer provide users endless possibilities for creative expression and offer a dynamic way to deliver art and information. Arrange your displays at any angle, shape or styles with mix different pixel areas or cutout of a display surface in full resolution. Supported displays include LED, projectors, monitors, display cubes and more.
Multi-projector edge blending
When creating a seamless image from multiple side-by-side projectors, it often requires edge-blending enabled projectors for multi-screen setup. With the built-in edge blending feature of Play-Out Composer, you can use off-the-shelf projectors to easily and intuitively adjust the number of overlapping pixels and brightness at adjoining edges.
Projector compatibility
Use off-the-shelf projectors to easily and intuitively adjust the number of overlapping pixels and brightness. No special functionality from the projector is needed.
The geometry (image-warping) feature is designed to make an image look visually correct when it is projected onto a non-planar screen. All projector settings can be adjusted in real time. This allows users to edit content directly in the projection canvas.
Interactive control
It is now possible to interact, click, drag, and touch onto elements on the display area powered by Play-Out Composer. Through simple drag-and-drop actions, a previously static presentation can be altered to react to as many touch points as the hardware allows - no programming skills required.
Remote control
A display setup can be remotely controlled by multiple Play-Out Composer devices over network. (Server - Client)
Live input DVI/HMDI/HD-SDI processing
Capture live input from a PC, video cameras, or DVI/HMDI/HD-SDI sources and integrate them into displaying content. Video sizes can be from 576p to 2160p with low-latency video.
Beyond 4K - 8K and ultra HD
Play-out Composer supports high-resolution video playback, with a maximum resolution of up to 8K, ideal for high-end use in any area of audiovisual content production
External control and media production
Besides supporting external control systems such as Crestron® or AMX® to manually control different scenes/actions, Play-Out Composer also works with mainstream production software such as Adobe After Effects. Now you can bring different media all together in real time.
Media sources
- Video: MPEG2, H264, WMV etc. SD, 720p,1080p, 2160p, 5760x1080p, 7680x1080p
- Image: JPG, PNG (alpha), any size of image
- WEB / URL(interactive, flash), RSS feed (Twitter)
- Streaming video, IP video
- Live source: DVI, HD-SDI
- Text, Clock, Date