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Play-Out Signage/XL-Signage are deliverable as a complete digital signage solutions - including content creation/management (Play-Out Signage/XL-Signage Producer) and client display player (Play-Out Signage/XL-Signage Display Client). The Play-Out Signage is the standard signage management software that supports single signage display. The Play-Out XL-Signage is the advanced digital signage software capable of supporting 4K/8K/HD resolution, multiple displays, and live inputs.
Play-Out Signage/XL-Signage Producer software is an intuitive tool to manage and schedule content in different resolution and orientation for multiple signage playlists. With Play-Out XL-Signage Producer, users can manage high resolution content in any size and ultra-high resolution.
  Content scheduling:
"drag and drop" operation, scheduling preferred timeframes with various media objects
Media library:
Image, video, web URL
Control panels:
Pre-scheduled playlist, event creation, and more
Play-Out Signage/XL Signage Display Client is installed on media players to display signage content that can be loaded from distributed local storage, FTP or cloud infrastructure via Play-Out infoMaster365. The display client can operate as an independent unit and display content even if the network connection is interrupted. The features include location indicator, status, display content preview, alarm, preload time, and remote control setting.
Product Highlights
Multiple displays
Supports multiple displays in any size or resolution, even up to 8K (Play-Out XL-Signage only)
Live input DVI/HD-SDI processing
Capture live input from a PC, video cameras, or DVI/HD-SDI sources and integrate them into displaying content (Play-Out XL-Signage only)
Beyond 4K - 8K and ultra HD
Supports high-resolution video playback, with a maximum resolution of up to 8K, ideal for high-end use in any area of audiovisual content production (Play-Out XL-Signage only)
Media production
Compatible with mainstream production software including Adobe Creative Suites.
Interactive control
It is now possible to interact, click, drag, and touch onto elements on the display area. Through simple drag-and-drop actions, a previously static presentation can be altered to react to as many touch points as the hardware allows - no programming skills required.
Signage client can be can be monitored, reported, and automatically restarted via Play-Out MasterControl365
Alarm & alert message
Alarm/emergency message can be controlled and activated remotely via Play-Out InfoMaster365
Media sources
- Video (Signage): MPEG2, H264, VMW, SD, 720p,1080p
- Video (XL-Signage): MPEG2, H264, VMW, SD, 720p,1080p, 2160p, 5760x1080p, 7680x1080p
- Image: JPG, PNG (alpha), any size of image
- WEB / URL(interactive, flash)
- Streaming video, IP video
- Live source: DVI, HD-SDI (XL-Signage only)
- Media element: Text, RSS