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Intel HPC Orchestrator - Solving HPC Integration and Validation Changes

High-Performance Computing (HPC) is transforming our world and our businesses, delivering unprecedented insights to scientists, engineers, analysts, companies, and more. However integrating, testing, validating, and maintaining an HPC system software stack is a costly ongoing, time-consuming effort. Intel® HPC Orchestrator is changing all that. It enables HPC system designers, installers, and managers to spend less time integrating, configuring and maintaining a validated, reliable system software stack, and more time developing differentiated capabilities for users.

Leveraging years of Intel HPC software experience and expertise, Intel HPC Orchestrator is a family of Intel-supported products designed to simplify HPC system software stack implementation and maintenance. Based off the community-developed system software stack from OpenHPC, HPC Orchestrator contains many proven open source HPC tools such as Ganglia, Nagio, pdsh, and prun. By building off the OpenHPC framework, Intel’s HPC Orchestrator provides a pre-integrated, pre-tested, and pre-validated software stack that can significantly reduce the time required to perform implementation and maintenance tasks.


Systems Supported
• Base Operating System: SLES12 for HPC, SP1 / CentOS 7.2 / RHEL for HPC 7.2
• Supported Hardware: Intel Xeon processor configurations / Intel Xeon Phi product family / Intel Omni-Path Fabric (Intel OPA Fabric) / Intel True Scale Fabric

Features and Capabilities

• Boot Types: Diskless and Diskful
• Validated for Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre software
• Provisioning Methods

        - Bare metal installation
        - Warewulf base
        - Image-based provisioning
        - PXE-based provisioning
        - Templated installation scripts
        - Editable configration input file
• Hierarchical structure, multiple development environment support 
        - Multiple MPI families
        - Common scientific libraries included for multiple MPI/compiler combinations
• Includes integrated administrative tools and flexible development environment
• Utilizes common Linux update mechanisms (e.g., YUM, Zypper)


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Intel HPC Orchestrator System Software - Key Components
Functional Areas Components
Base OS Compatibility SLES 12 SP1, CentOS 7.2, RHEL 7.2
Administrative Tools Conman, Ganglia*, Intel Cluster Checkerm Lmod, LosF, Nagios, pdsh, prun, EasyBuild, Spack, genders, mrsh, clustershell
Provisioning Warewulf
Resource Management PBS Pro, SLURM, Munge
Runtimes OpenMP, Intel Parallel Studio XE Runtimes for Intel MPI Lib, Intel MKL, Intel DAAL and Intel IPP
I/O Services Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre Software client, shine
Numerical/Scientific Libraries Boost, GSL, FFTW, Metis, PETSc, Trilinos, Hypre, SuperLU, Mumps*, Intel MKL
I/O Libraries HDF5 (pHDF5), NetCDF (including C++ and Fortran interfaces), Adios
Compiler Families GNU (gcc, g++, gfortran), Intel Parallel Studio XE (icc, icpc, ifort)
MPI Families MVAPICH2, OpenMPI, Intel MPI
Development Tools Autotools (autoconf, automake, libtool), Valgrind, R, SciPy/NumPy, Intel Inspector
Performance Tools PAPI, IMB, mpiP, pdtoolkit TAU, Intel Advisor, Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector, Intel VTune Amplifier
Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 Edition Components
Feature Composer Edition Professional Edition Cluster Edition
Intel C/C++ Compiler X X X
Intel Fortran Compiler X X X
Intel OpenMP X X X
Intel Math Kernal Library X X X
Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library X X X
Intel Threading Building Blocks X X X
Intel Integrated Performance Primitives X X X
Intel Vtune Amplifier XE   X X
Intel Advisor   X X
Intel Inspector   X X
Intel MPI Library     X
Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector     X
Intel Cluster Checker     X