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Real-Time Insights to Help Secure And Protect Your Data

APCON develops innovative, scalable technology solutions to enhance network monitoring, support IT traffic analysis, and streamline IT network management and security. APCON delivers state-of-the-art IT data aggregation, filtering, and network switching products, as well as leading-edge management software.

Apcon Solutions

• Capture
• Scale
• Manage

• Visibility
• Troubleshoot
• Assure

• Monitor
• Audit
• Privacy

Apcon Advantage

APCON intelligent network monitoring switches and taps increase your monitoring efficiency, reduce your costs, and simplify your network monitoring efforts.

Apcon Products

IntellaFlex XR :: Network Monitoring Solutions 
IntellaPatch 3000 :: Network Monitoring and Lab Switching 
Taps and Bypass Switches :: Fail-safe Monitoring | In-line Security

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