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ARM® Server Test Drive

ARM® technology, powering many of today’s consumer mobile devices, is utilized for server and storage solutions to offer low power consumption, better cooling, and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership.) Featuring ARM® based Calxeda EnergyCore™ SoCs (System on Chip), designed exclusively for server and cluster platforms, Exxact’ s ARM test drive systems only consume as little as 1/10th of the power and space of today’ s best-in-class installations, and lower TCO by up to 50% or more.
Free ARM Test Drive - Powered by ARM A9 Cortex Quad-Core CPUs
Exxact is offering a special opportunity to remotely evaluate an ARM system for free. No obligations or strings attached. The Exxact test drive program will provide you pre-configured 2U ARM systems and Linux OS that are thoroughly tested to ensure interoperability. Sign up now to experience the ARM technology.
ARM Test Drive System:
Server Highlights:
• 2U Rackmount Server • 10GbE and SATA Disk Connections
• ARM A9 Cortex Quad-core CPU 1.4GHz • 10GB SFP+ Uplinks (Ports)
• 80Gb EnergyCore™ Fabric Switch  
Ready to experience Exxact 2U ARM server?
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