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GPU Test Drive for Bunkspeed PRO™

GPU Accelerated for Faster Uncompromising Imagery and Animation
Bunkspeed’s PRO™ Suite allows designers to visualize and animate 3D data like a PRO in a single integrated application. PRO has an intuitive user interface designed to significantly reduce your learning curve, speed up your design process, and improve productivity almost immediately. Bunkspeed software can be significantly accelerated by NVIDIA CUDA™ based video card (GPU) technology.
Free GPU Test Drive - Powered by NVIDIA Kepler GPUs and Intel Xeon E5-2600 Series CPUs
For Bunkspeed users, Exxact is offering a special opportunity to remotely evaluate GPU computing power by using a Kepler-based system for free. No obligations or strings attached. The Exxact test drive program will provide you GPU computing systems and registered applications that are thoroughly tested to ensure interoperability.
It's easy to try in three steps:
1. Register
2. Receive login info and download Splashtop Business Client
3. Run your files on Bunkspeed PRO™ and get faster results
Remote Access Sponsored by:
GPU Test Drive Systems:
NVIDIA Tesla K40/
Quadro K6000 Workstation
• Bunkspeed PRO™ 2014
• 2 Intel Xeon E5-2660 8-Core CPUs
• 1x NVIDIA Tesla K40 12GB GPU
• 1x NVIDIA Quadro K6000 12GB GPU
• 32 GB 1600MHz system memory
• Windows 7 Profession 64-Bit
Ready to see your performance gains on Exxact GPU solutions?
Schedule a free test drive now.
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