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Get Started with Machine Learning

Deep learning is part of the machine learning methods that use one of a set of algorithms to learn high-level representations of data. Such algorithms have been successfully applied to a large variety of problems ranging from image classification, to natural language processing and speech recognition.

GPUs have provided groundbreaking performance to accelerate deep learning research with thousands of computational cores and up to 100x application throughout when compared to CPUs alone. Exxact has developed the Deep Learning Workstation, featuring NVIDIA GPU technology, for developers to get started with deep learning research now.

Interactive Deep Learning GPU Training System - NVIDIA DIGITS

The NVIDIA Deep Learning GPU Training System (DIGITS) is an interactive deep learning development tool for scientists and researchers to quickly design deep neural networks (DNN) using real-time network behavior visualization. DIGITS is a complete system for researchers to get started with developing an optimized neural network for a single data set or training multiple networks on many data sets.

With pre-installed NVIDIA DIGITS 2.0, as well as other leading deep machine learning software packages, Exxact Deep Learning GPU Solutions are fully turn-key and designed for rapid development and deployment of optimized deep neural networks with multiple GPUs.


NVIDIA DIGITS 2.0 Key Features

  • Visualize DNN topology and how training data activates your network
  • Manage training of many DNNs in parallel on multi-GPU systems
  • Simple setup and launch
  • Import a wide variety of image formats and sources
  • Monitor network training in real-time
  • Open source, so DIGITS can be customized and extended as needed

The EXXACT Solution Advantage

NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider:
As an Elite Solution Provider with NVIDIA, Exxact Corporation works closely with the NVIDIA team to ensure seamless factory development and support. We pride ourselves on providing value-added service standards unmatched by our competitors.

Exxact offers multiple form factors should your computing needs change down the road, minimizing growing pains due to unpredictability.

Each GPU Workstation is engineer built and meticulously tested for precision and performance. We stand behind our products by offering 3-year warranty on our GPU Workstations.

Exxact GPU Workstations are built by in-house engineers and individually customizable for peak performance tailored to solving your unique and complex computing challenges.

Besides remote assistance, Exxact also offers on-site technical support including 8x5 NBD, 24x7 NBD, 24x7x4hr.