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GPU Test Drive for MD Simulation

GPU Accelerated for Faster AMBER and NAMD Simulations
Cut simulation time from days to hours with the Tesla™ Molecular Dynamics SimCluster. Designed with Tesla GPUs, the MD SimCluster is optimized to simulate large size models and gain higher accuracy while reducing simulation time. Preconfigured to accelerate AMBER or NAMD, all you need to do is load your models to start your simulation.
The Tesla MD SimCluster gives outstanding results with AMBER up to 5x faster and NAMD up to 7x faster making research more productive.
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MD SimCluster Test Drive
For AMBER and NAMD users, Exxact is offering a special opportunity to simulate your molecule file using a Tesla C2075 GPU workstation or Tesla M2090 cluster for free. No obligations or strings attached. The Exxact test drive program will provide you GPU computing systems and registered applications that are thoroughly tested to ensure interoperability. You can be confident that your cluster will work with a great out of box experience.
• GPU Computing Enabled Cluster / Workstation • Preconfigured With AMBER 11 or NAMD 2.8
• Optimized For Speed • No Setup Required
GPU Test Drive Systems:
4 Node M2090 Cluster
Dual Intel Xeon E5620 2.4GHz Quad-Core x86
  CPUs per node
24 GB 1333MHz system memory per node
2 Tesla M2090 6GB GPUs per node
Over 10 TFLOPS Single and 5 TFLOPS Double
  Precision GPU performance
InfiniBand QDR Switch & HCAs
Bright Computing Cluster Manager
NVIDIA Driver 275.09.07, CUDA 4.0
C2075 Workstation
Dual Intel Xeon X5660 2.8Ghz Hex-Core x86 CPUs
48 GB 1333MHz system memory
4 Tesla C2075 6GB GPUs
Over 4 TFLOPS Single and 2 TFLOPS Double
  Precision GPU performance
NVIDIA Driver 275.09.07, CUDA 4.0
MD simulation clusters as configured above are available at a price of $35,499 each and MD workstations at $11,599 each (prices do not include freight charges and any applicable sales tax) if you are totally satisfied with the GPU test drive. Each system can be customized to your exact specifications. Please call 510-226-7366 x213 for details.
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