March 19, 2024

Press Release

Exxact Named 2024 NVIDIA Partner Network Solution Integration Partner of the Year


Exxact Corporation today announced it has been selected as an NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) 2024 Partner of the Year award winner in the category of Solution Integration Partner. Exxact is recognized for its commitment and expertise in providing end-to-end NVIDIA AI and high-performance computing solutions, including NVIDIA software and data center products across multiple industries.

Exxact is a leader in delivering complete computing solutions for HPC and AI for more than 30 years. By offering turnkey workstations, servers, and clusters, its mission is to empower innovation and technological advancement through the use of high-performance accelerated computing, including GPUs. Exxact’s strong dedication to accelerated computing has enabled numerous customers in applications like AI training, manufacturing and simulation, molecular dynamics, and life science research to propel their workloads to new levels, solve novel problems, and make a lasting impact on the world.

Joining the global NPN program has given Exxact a wealth of resources, recognition, credibility, and expert support for launching new hardware and broadening its customer base. Exxact utilizes the NPN program to accelerate development and build more comprehensive solutions for deployments big or small.

NPN provides partners with the expertise required to develop, deploy and maintain world-class accelerated computing solutions designed for today’s most demanding machine learning and AI workloads.

 “Exxact continues to expand into new markets and deliver computing solutions to those doing groundbreaking research in AI, HPC, and more,” says Jason Chen, Vice President of Exxact Corp. “We’ve collaborated with NVIDIA to bring Exxact to the forefront of untapped industries and are excited to continue delivering customized high-performance computing solutions to all.”

“Interested in AI is rapidly expanding as businesses realize how it can supercharge productivity, and customers need experienced leaders to help them plan and deploy state-of-the-art infrastructure for these demanding workloads,” said Craig Weinstein, Vice President of the Americas Partner Organization at NVIDIA. “Exxact is recognized as the 2024 NPN Americas Solution Integration Partner of the Year for its expertise in architecting and installing AI training, manufacturing, simulation, molecular dynamics, and life science research solutions for customers.”

Exxact is committed to continuing its mission to deliver the highest performance computing solutions to researchers from small labs all the way to enterprise operations. Exxact not only delivers computers, but also the tools that inspire innovation and spark discovery. “We are grateful to be recognized as the 2024 NVIDIA Solution Integration Partner of the Year and look forward to continued collaboration for many more years to come,” says Chen.

About Exxact Corporation

Founded in 1992, Exxact is at the forefront of technological innovation, delivering the computing platforms for HPC, AI, life science research, big data, and more. Exxact is dedicated to empowering the world’s greatest discoveries with cutting-edge GPU solutions that accelerate innovation and address intricate challenges. Exxact workstations and servers have been tested and trusted by top national labs, research institutes, universities, startups, and Fortune 1000 companies. By seamlessly integrating advanced computing solutions, Exxact propels organizations to achieve their goals and push the boundaries of human knowledge, helping them make a lasting impact on the world. Visit Exxact Corporation to configure your ideal computing solution today.