Performance, Capacity, Reliability

Storage Clusters

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High Performance Computing

Ideal for applications that require access to large files, massive quantities of data or simultaneous access from multiple compute servers.

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No single point of failure. Hardware redundancies can tolerate up to three simultaneous drive failures.

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Intuitive Interface

Users do not need to know the physical location of the data blocks to retrieve a file, as the system uses a global namespace to facilitate data access.

Benefits of Clustered File System

Ease of use

Seamless, easy-to-use, and reliable so employees can be as efficient and productive as possible


Increased resource availability

If one server fails, other servers are available to be utilized and allow access to needed data without downtime.


Strategic use of resource

Start small and grow over time. Increase capacity by adding more drives and/or servers as your needs grow


Great scalability

Start small and grow over time. Increase capacity by adding more drives and/or servers as your needs grow


Performance increase

Multiple server nodes offer more processing power. Performance scales linearly with capacity.


Load balancing

Divide the work of servicing multiple application clients so they can perform quicker, using software, hardware, or both.

Great for Many Applications

Seismic Processing

Seismic Processing

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Climate Modeling

Climate Modeling

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling

Video Editing & Visual Effects Rendering

Video Editing & Visual Effects Rendering

Simple & Scalable on any Hardware



Configure in any number of ways--entirely redundant or little to no redundancy for maximum speed. Scale file system performance and capacity seamlessly and non-disruptively.


Release maximum bandwidth, the higher performance of the hardware realm and deliver network wires speed to the applications.


Easy to deploy and integrate with existing infrastructure. Compatible with any TCP/IP or RDMA-capable networks, like Infiniband, Omni-Path or RoCE.


Metadata servers manage file directory information, ownership, and file location targets to keep metadata access latency to a minimum for quick retrieval.

Bulk Storage

These robust storage servers perform the bulk storage functions, including storing user file contents either internally or externally attached.

Unleash innovative, complex HPC projects



ActiveStor Ultra delivers the highest performance to master all of today's challenges and the ability to grow to meet those in the future. Group metadata/storage and NVME + HDD in each node, which allows node capacity and performance to scale linearly without limitation, and it is consistently fast regardless of complexity.


With dock to data in one day, ActiveStor Ultra is the simplest storage solution to operate in the market. With no tuning or retuning required as workloads change or as you add more users, it's easy to manage and even easier to scale.


ActiveStor Ultra delivers unmatched flexibility–whether adapting to dynamically changing workloads and demands, or offering configurations to meet every workflow needs


Fully automated online failure recovery protects your data assets. Network-distributed erasure coding and fully parallel rebuilds recover nodes quickly. Background data scrubbing ensures data integrity.

Scalable Storage Solutions for Datacenter & HPC



Storage blocks can be customized in terms of the storage building block FLASH to spinning disk ratio. Overall cluster can be customized in terms of the controller to drive ratio, which allows for optimizing capacity over speed.

Storage at Any Scale

Powerful data management solutions for data centric AI, analytics and real time insights to unlock innovation in your data center and in the cloud.

Risk Management

A3I is AI-optimized Intelligent Infrastructure that removes data management risks with efficiency and speed, regardless of the size of the challenge.


Gather, accessing and processing data quickly is strategically imperative. A3I enables instant and accurate insight for customers processing massive amounts of data.

NVIDIA® DGX™ Systems

Integrating NVIDIA DGX A100 with DDN A3I storage solutions, these reference architectures are designed and validated by NVIDIA in close collaboration with DDN and delivered in joint infrastructure solutions, including NVIDUA DGX SuperPOD™.

Storage Solution for the Modern-day Enterprise

SoftIron Ceph-based Software Defined Storage


Ceph uniquely delivers object, block, and file storage in one unified system, and is highly reliable and easy to manage. It allows you to manage vast amounts of data and delivers extraordinary scalability--thousands of clients accessing exabytes of data.

Distributed, Scale-out Storage

Ceph caters best to high bandwidth, medium latency types of applications, such as content delivery, archive storage, or block storage for virtualization.

Density Increase

SoftIron HyperDrive was specifically designed and built for Ceph storage to achieve density increases of 2x to 10x. It was built with a clear focus on scalable storage performance at wire speed.


If you're using Ceph already, HyperDrive will plug in and perform instantly. Every HyperDrive is preloaded with Ceph, and every cluster has Storage Manager and wire speed Router.


HyperDrive Storage Manager was designed and built to make running Ceph easy by providing whole-of-center overview for total optimization.