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Maximize GPU Acceleration with NVIDIA NVLink

NVLink Servers & Workstations

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NVIDIA NVLink for PCIe Workstations

Utilize NVIDIA NVLink Bridge for mainstream accelerated workstations to connect 2 PCIe GPUs to compile and communicate before data transfers to the CPU, dramatically increasing speeds. PCIe NVLink supports Quadro, Geforce, RTX GPU, and data center solutions.

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NVIDIA NVLink and NVSwitch for Enterprise Servers

NVIDIA NVLink is fabricated on all NVIDIA SXM modules offering large-scale solutions for enterprise workloads. Third generation NVSwitch connects the 8 GPUs in a DGX system to create a GPU cluster with up to 900 GB/s of all-to-all GPU-to-GPU bandwidth.

NVIDIA's Hopper Architecture (set to release later this year) scales out NVLink and NVSwitch to work together with an external NVLink Switch System. Bypass traditional multi-node solutions and enable up to 57.6 TB/s of bisection bandwidth between 256 NVIDIA GPUs!