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Datapath DP-HDMI Displayport to HDMI Adapter

Datapath DP-HDMI Displayport to HDMI Adapter

The Datapath DPadapt module is an active DisplayPort to DVI converter which allows the Datapath ImageDP4 graphics card to drive legacy Single-Link DVI monitors at up to 165Mpixels. Unlike other DisplayPort to DVI converters which have short, fixed DisplayPort connections, the DPadapt can accept a long input cable, allowing it to exploit the improved cable driving performance of the DisplayPort signal standard. Using a high quality Datapath supplied 20m DisplayPort cable and a standard 5m DVI output cable a 25m run to the DVI monitor is now possible. By combining both the DPextend and DPadapt, cable runs of up to 45m are possible with no additional power supplies.

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Product Number Datapath DP-HDMI
DisplayPort version 1.1a (4 lanes)
DVI Version 1.0 (single-link) DVI-D
Cable lengths 20m DisplayPort, 5m DVI (25m total)
(40m DisplayPort when used in conjunction with DPextend)
HDCP support Yes
Size 1.1W (from cable, no need for external power)
Power 1.1W (from cable, no need for external power)
DP power indication Green LED on input port
Support DisplayPort to HDMI adapter
Connect ImageDP4 or other DisplayPort output to HDMI monitors. Supports HDMI 1.4