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Datapath VSN1190-RPSU/32GB VSN1190 19" 4U Wall Controller Chassis (800 Watt RPSU)

Datapath VSN1170-RPSU 19" 4U Display Wall Controller Chassis (800Watt RPSU)

The VSN1190 is a video wall controller capable of managing multiple video inputs and graphical outputs in order to drive large video wall installations. Suitable for a range of markets from security facilities to command and control rooms the VSN1190 provides a high performance, scalable solution in complex video environments. Fully compatible with Datapath’s portfolio of Vision capture and Image graphics cards, the VSN1190 has been designed, developed and optimised to provide Ultra High Definition video capture, control and display of a variety of sources including HDCP content which can be displayed across the entire video wall.

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Part Number VSN1190-RPSU, VSN1190-RPSU/32GB
SBC4 Portwell ROBO8110 EC5549
Processor Intel® Quad Core Xeon
Clock speed 2.53 GHz
Cache 8MB
Memory 32GB
Ethernet Dual 10 Base-T/ 100 Base-TX/ 1000 BaseT Ethernet ports
OnBoard Graphics DVI connection for control screen
HDD 2 x Western Digital RED 750 GB
Enterprise Grade
RAID 1 configured
Optical Drive DVD/RW combo drive
USB 8 x 2.0 (2 x Front, 4 x Back, 2 x Internal*)
*Internal ports for security dongles
Features 3rd generation PCIe switched fabric
11 slot x8 - 8 GB/s uplink and downlink
Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Power Supply 800W RPSU Dual Redundant
Operating System Windows® 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Measurements and Weight 500mm (inc handles) x 175mm x 482.1mm
19 - 25kg