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Datapath VisionSDI2 Capture Card

Datapath VisionSDI2 Dual Channel HD-SD Video Capture Card

The VisionRGB-E2S, a stand alone PCI Express x4 plug in capture card, delivers extreme performance with 650MB/s transfer bus bandwidth providing a further improvement to the 480MB/s of the VisionRGB-E2. This video capture has two complete capture channels supporting up to 1920x1200 DVI or 2048x1536 Analog resolution.

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Part Number VisionSDI2
Board Format PCI Express x4, plug-in card, 110mm x 170mm
PCI Express bus master with scatter gather DMA providing maximum data rate of 650 MB/s
Connectors 4 BNC connectors for SDI inputs and outputs
Maximum capture resolution 2x 2048x1556 at 24fps, 2x 1920x1080 at 60fps
Maximum SDI bit rate 3Gb/s
Frame buffer memory 64 MB per channel (total 128MB)
Input mode detection Supports SMPTE - 352 Payload Identifiers
Pixel transfer formats RGB: 5-5-5, 5-6-5 or 8-8-8 (24bit/ 32bit) pixels
YUV: 4:2:2
Update rate User defined. Captured frame rate will match the source providing max data rate (650MB/s) is not exceeded
Multi-buffered to eliminate tearing artifacts
Video modes SD-SDI (480i/576i)
HD-SDI (up to 1080i)
3G-SDI (up to 1080p
2k Digital Cinema modes
Operating system support Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® Server 2003, Windows® Server 2008, Windows® 7 and Windows® 8
Power requirements Max current at +3.3V - 0.45A
Max current at +12V - 0.85A
Max power - 12W
Operating temperature 0 to 35 deg C/ 32 to 96 deg F
Storage temperature -20 to 70 deg C/ -4 to 158 deg F
Warranty 3 years