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NVIDIA Tesla GPU Accelerators

Speed up the performance with the NVIDIA® Kepler Tesla GPU accelerators, based on the world’s fastest and most efficient high performance computing (HPC) architecture. With innovative computing technology and features, it is applicable to a broader range of scientific computing applications and makes hybrid computing more accessible for application developers and researchers.

Why NVIDIA Tesla?

Tesla products are designed with exclusive features to maximize performance for supercomputing professionals:
• Up to 1.87TFlops double precision floating point performance
• Faster PCIe communication
• Higher performance on technical applications with large data sets
• Faster communication with InfiniBand using NVIDIA GPUDirect™
• Higher performance CUDA driver for Windows OS
• ECC protection for uncompromised data reliability
• Zero error tolerance stress testing
• Manufactured by NVIDIA and guaranteed to be of highest quality
• Enterprise level support
• ISV Certification
Teska K80 Features and Benefits
NVIDIA GPU Boost™: Dynamically scales clocks, based on characteristics of the workload, for maximum application performance. This ensures that each application runs at the highest clocks while remaining within the power and thermal envelope. Double shared memory and register file: Increase effective bandwidth with 2x shared memory and 2x register file compared to the Tesla K20X and K10. Zero-power Idle: Increase data center energy efficiency by powering down idle GPUs when running legacy non-accelerated workloads.
Multi-GPU Hyper-Q: Efficiently and easily schedule MPI ranks across GPUs, increasing GPU utilization and ease of programming. System Monitoring: Manage GPU processors in computing systems using widely used cluster/ grid-management solutions. Memory Protection: Error Correcting Codes (ECC) memory protection for both internal memories and external GDDR5 DRAM meets a critical requirement for computing accuracy and reliability in supercomputing and data centers.
NVIDIA Tesla GPU Powered Servers
Deep Learning System (New!)
NVIDIA DGX-1 Pascal (New!)  NVIDIA DGX-1 Volta (New!) NVIDIA DGX-1 Volta Workstation
NVIDIA Tesla GPU Accelerators
Pascal Architecture Tesla GPU (New!)
NVIDIA Tesla P100 -12GB NVIDIA Tesla P100 -16GB NVIDIA Tesla P100 -16GB / NVLink
NVIDIA Tesla V100 for SXM2 (New!) NVIDIA Tesla V100 PCIe (New!)  
NVIDIA Tesla P4 NVIDIA Tesla P40  
Kepler-based Tesla Series
NVIDIA Tesla K80 NVIDIA Tesla K40 - Active NVIDIA Tesla K8
NVIDIA Tesla K80 Power Adapter NVIDIA Tesla K40 - Passive NVIDIA Tesla K10
NVIDIA Tesla K20X NVIDIA Tesla K20 - Active NVIDIA Tesla K20 - Passive
PNY NVIDIA Tesla K80 PNY NVIDIA Tesla K40 - Passive PNY NVIDIA Tesla K40 - Active
PNY NVIDIA Tesla K20 - Active    
Maxwell-Based Tesla Series
NVIDIA Tesla M4 NVIDIA Tesla M40 Passive - 12GB NVIDIA Tesla M40 Passive - 24GB
NVIDIA Tesla M60 - Active Model NVIDIA Tesla M60 - Standard Air Flow
(Right to Left)
NVIDIA Tesla M60 - Reverse Air Flow
(Left to Right)
NVIDIA Tesla M10 (New!)    
PNY NVIDIA Tesla M60 - Passive
(Right to Left)
PNY NVIDIA Tesla M60 - Passive
(Left to Right)
PNY NVIDIA Tesla M40 - Passive
Tesla M-Class GPU
NVIDIA Tesla M2090 NVIDIA Tesla M2075 NVIDIA Tesla M2070
NVIDIA Tesla M2050    
Tesla C-Class GPU
NVIDIA Tesla C2075 NVIDIA Tesla C2070 NVIDIA Tesla C2050
NVIDIA Tesla C1060    
Tesla S-Class GPU
NVIDIA Tesla S2070 NVIDIA Tesla S2050 NVIDIA Tesla S1070
NVIDIA Tesla SimCluster
42U 32 NVIDIA Tesla M2090 GPU SimCluster 14U 16 NVIDIA Tesla M2090 GPU SimCluster
14U 8 NVIDIA Tesla M2090 GPU SimCluster