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Play-Out Desktop Warper operates in Windows desktop and creates seamless images from multiple off-the-shelf projectors for edge blending or geometry warping. Applications that are running in the desktop now can be displayed to full screen mode onto the projection area. This is an ideal solution for interactive whiteboard applications, control rooms, houses of worship, video conference rooms, conference presentations, simulation content display, and gaming.
Displays channel
Adjust display output, name, grid color
Desktop settings
Preview for each display for Windows desktop
Displays settings
Adjust settings for display resolution, position,
edge blend, brightness/contrast, geometry
Camera alignment
Settings for automatic camera alignment
Play-Out Desktop Warper Technology
Desktop Warper utilizes the power of graphics cards to render the Windows desktop directly in the frame buffer without manipulating the Windows operating system. No resizing of Windows desktop after camera alignment. Edge blend and geometric warping is pixel native for a perfect results, even displaying small text or image details.
Play-Out Desktop Warper Edge-Blending Demo
Product Highlights
Camera alignment
Automatic camera calibration for curved or flat multiple projection area to create a seamless blend within minutes.
Multi-projector edge blending with all projectors
When creating a seamless image from multiple side-by-side projectors, it often requires edge-blending enabled projectors for multi-screen setup. With Desktop Warper, you can use off-the-shelf projectors to easily and intuitively adjust the number of overlapping pixels and brightness at adjoining edges.
The geometry (image-warping) feature is designed to make an image look visually correct when it is projected onto a non-planar screen. All projector settings can be adjusted in real time. This allows users to edit content directly in the projection canvas.
Any shape
Desktop Warper provide users endless possibilities for creative expression and offer a dynamic way to deliver art and information. Arrange your displays at any angle, shape or styles with mix different pixel areas or cutout of a display surface in full resolution.
Color and brightness correction
Real-time color and brightness correction for individual projector devices.
Compatible with existing applications
Create a presentation with your current applications or web page content directly onto display area in real time.
Remote control
A display setup can be remotely controlled by multiple computers over network.
Mouse & pen interaction
Smoothly move mouse or pen over projector overlap. 100% interaction in applications.
Leading Graphics Technology
Utilize NVIDIA Quadro or AMD FirePro Technology to render the Windows desktop with 100% native performance.