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Play-Out InfoMaster365 is a complete web-based content creation and management system that allows users to update content from anywhere and manage all signage locations in real time. The Play-Out InfoMaster365 software includes Slide Editor and Signage Scheduler to handle content creation and playlist scheduling with all display client devices. This solution can be easily implemented to your existing IT infrastructure or media servers.
Add and arrange slides
Arrange media, user, channels
Media Library
Preview Canvas
Real time media preview
InfoMaster365 Content Management System
infoMaster365 provides a complete management system including content creation, media distribution, and signage scheduling for users to access anywhere in the world. It also offers user level/permission settings that can be managed by administrators to control individual signage in different locations.
InfoMaster365 Signage
Product Highlights
Content creation
Create, edit and manage content from your web browsers to update channel designs directly in real time.
Media production
Compatible with mainstream production software including Adobe Creative Suites.
Media library server
Uploaded media files are stored in a global media server. Users can use and share the same media files independently of each other.
Template creation
Templates can contain layouts, background styles, media files and media objects. Templates can be shared in multiple projects and will be updated immediately on all the channels.
Multiple displays
Supports single or multiple displays in any size, format or shape, even up to 8K video.
Create and schedule unique playlists for all signage locations by using Slideshow or Advanced Scheduling.
User levels
System administrators can set up user roles for the access levels or permissions for project, channel, and slide editing.
Channel structure
Manage individual resolution of all display clients and for each channel.
Alarm & alert message
Alarm /emergency message channels can be created and activated by authorized users or via external event. Alarm & Alert Message will be updated immediately in authorized channels.
Windows SQL server
Made for Windows Server and SQL server to get the highest performance, reliability and security. Easily installed directly in existing IT structure.
Media sources
- Video: MPEG2, H264, VMW etc. SD, 720p,1080p, 2160p, 5760x1080p, 7680x1080p
- Image: JPG, PNG (alpha), any size of image
- WEB / URL(interactive, flash), RSS feed (Twitter)
- Streaming video, IP video
- Live source: DVI, HD-SDI
- Text, Clock
Web API management
Manage channels and users, create content, and schedule playlist via web browsers anytime anywhere.