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Play-Out MasterControl365 is a complete web-based monitoring and control system that handles the functions between IP device and display clients. Users can access the software by using web browsers to create schedules, view device status, preview signage outputs, and send IP control commands to all display clients in different locations around the world.
Signage Info
Group info, local player name, IP Address
Cluster, Groups, Commands, Scheduler
Device Server
Local server status
Commands and Device Feedback
Application commands,
device commands, PC control
commands, wake up lan
Device and signage status report, create schedules for device commands
MasterControl365 Signage Management
MasterControl365 allows operators monitor signage IP devices, control signage, and send commands via internet to control any displays in different locations around the world. The signage player device acts as a local server that communicates with MasterControl365 to receives commands and sends status. MasterControl365 also provides permission settings for different user levels to access and work simultaneously.
MasterControl365 Display
Product Highlights
Status of individual site details: content preview, cam preview, display resolution, power status, and power temperature can be monitored and reported.
A cluster consists of multiple local servers in a root view. User can access or quickly overview the status, location and maps of each local server.
Signage player
Play-Out Signage has built-in support to be controlled and to submit data directly to Master Control.
IP controller
Play-Out IP Controller is used with Master Control to display interactive menus on other devices and send
button control commands.
Schedule group or individual commands such as display ON/OFF.
Group commands
Send a single command such as display ON/OFF directly to a group.
User Levels
Administrators can determine user roles and individual access level/permissions as group users, operators or viewers.
Overview of a group status, location, input sources and signage devices.
Direct access to a local server site.
Windows SQL server
Made for Windows Server and SQL server to get the highest performance, reliability and security. Easily installed directly in existing IT structure.
Automatic software updates
MasterControl365 automatically updates Play-Out Signage player software installed in client display devices.
Web API management
Manage channels and users, create content, and schedule playlist via web browsers anytime anywhere.