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Bright Cluster Manager® is a comprehensive cluster management solution for managing all types of HPC clusters and server farms, including CPU and GPU clusters, storage and database clusters, and big data Hadoop clusters.

Bright Cluster Manager® was designed by a group of highly experienced cluster specialists who perceived the need for a fundamental approach, with a single lightweight daemon for all cluster management functionality, a single relational database for all configuration and monitoring data, and a single command line and graphical user interface. Bright Cluster Manager is a scalable, easy-to-use, flexible and maintainable solution.


New Feature Highlights:

Image Revision Control – We've added revision control capability which means you can track changes to software images using standardized methods.

Integrated Cisco UCS Support – With the new integrated support for Cisco UCS rack servers, you can rapidly introduce flexible, multiplexed servers into your HPC environment.

Native AWS Storage Service Support – Bright Cluster Manager 7 now supports native AWS storage which means that you can use inexpensive, secure, durable, flexible and simple storage services for data use, archiving and backup in the AWS cloud.

Intelligent Dynamic Cloud Provisioning – By only instantiating compute resources in AWS when they're actually needed – such as after the data to be processed has been uploaded, or when on-site workloads reach a certain threshold – Bright Cluster Manager 7 can save you money.


Bright Cluster Manager Highlights:
Bright Cluster Manager Brochure
Download (PDF 1.18MB)
1. Make Clusters Really Easy
Install a complete cluster from bare-metal to turnkey supercomputer within an hour with minimal Linux knowledge.
Monitor hundreds of useful hardware and software metrics. Create graphs with one mouse click. Zoom in and out of graphs dynamically.
Manage all elements of your cluster from one consistent GUI — software images, users, cluster health, workload management, alarms, security and much more.
Benefit from a large collection of compilers, MPI and mathematical libraries, software development tools and environment modules — all pre-installed and pre-configured.
Add nodes to your cluster by plugging them in and letting our software take care of the rest. Advanced features such as failover and load-balanced node provisioning are accessible through the intuitive GUI and do not require custom scripting or specific Linux or HPC expertise.
2. Scale Clusters to Thousands of Nodes
Bright Cluster Manager was designed to scale to thousands of nodes. It is not dependent on third-party (open source) software that was not designed for this level of scalability. Many advanced features for handling scalability and complexity are included:
Management Daemon with Low CPU Overhead
Multiple Load-Balancing Provisioning Nodes
Synchronized Cluster Management Daemons
Built-In Redundancy
Diskless Nodes
3. Be Complete
Bright Cluster Manager is a comprehensive cluster management solution. Features include the following:
Multiple Linux Distributions Supported Intel Cluster Ready Compliant
Cluster Management GUI Cluster Management Shell
Node Provisioning & Image Management Node Identification
Software Update Management Cluster Monitoring
Automated Cluster Management User Management
Parallel Shell Cloud Utilization
GPU Management ScaleMP Management
Workload Management (Queuing Systems) Cluster Health Management
Cluster Security Compilers
Debuggers & Profilers MPI Libraries
Mathematical Libraries Environment Modules
Advanced Features for Large & Complex Clusters Documentation