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Matrox MuraControl for Windows

Matrox MuraControl for Windows
Matrox MuraControl for Windows is an intuitive, feature-rich application that allows you to manage your Mura MPX-powered video wall. Run the software locally or remotely—and use it to create, save and edit layouts offline or in real time so your source content appears precisely where you want it, how you want it.
Layout Management Features
• Create, save, rename, copy, and delete layouts
• Switch from layout to layout with a single click
• Lock a layout to prevent accidental changes
• Import or export a layout
• Control background color as well as window border color and width
• Create a scrolling text across the entire video wall with the marquee function
• Create a layout offline and then push it live, or edit layouts online in real time
Layout Management Features
• Position windows anywhere on the wall using a mouse or keyboard
• Resize a window precisely by entering the custom input size using four separate fields or click and drag a window corner to maintain the aspect ratio of a window while scaling
• Clone an input source to multiple windows
• Label visible windows
• Advanced window cropping—either by graphically resizing the viewport through the UI or by entering precise cropping coordinates to achieve maximum pixel accuracy
• Intuitive Z-order management
• Support for picture-in-picture configurations
• Text overlay function with control over text font, color, size, location, blink and scroll speed
Source Management Features
• Renaming, cropping, rotation (90°, 180°, and 270°), and text overlay functionality
• Source-specific hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast color correction parameters
• Multiple deinterlacing filters—including single field, bob, weave, and adaptive techniques
Additional Features
• Run the software locally or remotely
• Run the desktop or replace it with a static background
• Connect to the controller using an IP address or computer name
• Start and stop the controller from within the application
• Create custom gridlines and control window snap behaviour to the lines, other windows, and/or physical displays
Matrox MuraControl is compatible with Matrox Mura MPX Series hardware only, and requires Mura MPX Driver version 2.02 or later. The Mura MPX Network API must be installed on the controller system in order for MuraControl to run.
MuraControl for Windows is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
Exxact's Video Wall Controller Systems
Engineered to deliver unparalleled performance, image quality, and scalability, Exxact's video wall controller systems feature highly flexible, universal input channel support for both digital and analog (DVI, RGB/VGA, Component, S-Video & Composite, HDMI) video signals.
Model Form Factor Inputs Outputs Spec
Spectrum VWC01 4U 16 16 View
Spectrum VWC02 4U 32 32 View
Spectrum VWC03 5U 54 54 View
Spectrum VWC04 1U 2 4 View
Spectrum VWC05 1U 4 4 View
Spectrum VWC06 1U 0 8 View
Spectrum VWC07 1U 0 6 View