Panasas HPC Storage Solutions

Panasas ActiveStor for HPC

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ActiveStor Ultra delivers the highest performance to master all of today’s challenges and the ability to grow to meet those in the future. It linearly scales performance without limitation, and it is consistently fast regardless of complexity.

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With dock to data in one day, ActiveStor Ultra is the simplest storage solution to operate in the market. With no tuning or retuning required as workloads change or as you add more users, it’s easy to manage and even easier to scale.

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ActiveStor Ultra delivers unmatched flexibility – whether adapting to dynamically changing workloads and demands, or offering configurations to meet every workflow need.

Unleash innovative, complex HPC projects

Panasas PanFS Parallel File System

Linear Scalability

As data grows, storage should expand quickly and cost-effectively. PanFS® on ActiveStor® Ultra is built on an object back-end that scales limitlessly—offering low total cost of ownership (TCO) and minimal management effort. By delivering faster time to results and accelerating workflows, PanFS on ActiveStor Ultra boosts user productivity.

File-level Metadata

PanFS platform maintains several types of metadata about files, including typical user-visible information such as owner, size, and modification time.

Block-level Metadata

OSDFS software manages block-level metadata using a delayed allocation scheme in which it batches data, block pointers, and object descriptors into large write operations.


Fully automated online failure recovery protects your data assets. Network-distributed erasure coding and fully parallel rebuilds recover nodes quickly. Background data scrubbing ensures data integrity.

ActiveStore D

ActiveStor Director Node

To effectively run high-performance computing applications—the kind that can change the world—you need a powerful brain behind your storage system. The Panasas ActiveStor Director:

  • Orchestrates file system activity outside of the data path, allowing reads/writes to occur in parallel directly between computing clients and Panasas storage nodes.
  • Speeds data transfers but also facilitates scalability.
  • Virtualizes data objects across all available storage nodes, enabling the system to be viewed as a single, easily managed global namespace.
  • Configures the ratio of storage to director nodes to meet the demands of each specific application environment.

PanFS Distributed Clustered Parallel File System

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1.2 Petabytes

Solution value property image1.2PB Storage
Solution value property image16GB/s Transfer Speed
Solution value property image4x ActiveStor Ultra
Solution value property image1x ActiveStor Director with 3x nodes
Solution image

5 Petabytes

Solution value property image5PB Storage
Solution value property image64GB/s Transfer Speed
Solution value property image16x ActiveStor Ultras
Solution value property image4x ActiveStor Directors with 3x nodes each
Solution image

10 Petabytes

Solution value property image10PB Storage
Solution value property image128GB/s Transfer Speed
Solution value property image32x ActiveStor Ultras
Solution value property image8x ActiveStor Director with 3x nodes each

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Mgmt Software

Management Simplified

The ActiveStor solution offers a single management view via the Panasas PanActive Manager graphical user interface (GUI) or command-line interface. Snapshots and user quotas help reduce administrative effort. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) supports easy integration into data-center-level management tools.