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The Redefined Experience of the Remote Desktop

For more than a decade, centralized compute environments have failed to meet expectations. The lack of a robust remote desktop solution has excluded high-end graphics users from realizing the benefits of Virtualized Desktop Infrastructures. Mechdyne's remote desktop TGX redefines the remote desktop experience and unleashes the full potential of VDI for even the most demanding users. TGX delivers a like-local end-user experience regardless of location, dataset size, or display configuration. TGX takes the advantages of using a remote desktop to a whole new level by allowing people to access much more powerful, graphic intensive applications with a variety of client computers, ranging from laptops to thin clients equipped with large resolution displays. All with minimal latency and with high quality graphics.
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Graphics-Intense Capability

20 percent of the workforce relies on graphic intensive applications, image fidelity, and high resolutions to make decisions that influence profitability, growth, safety, efficiency, and overall success. For years, IT solutions ignored the impact remote desktops have on these mission critical decisions and the people behind them. Compounding issues, most remote desktop products reduce performance to the lowest network condition for the whole group. TGX put the user first and redefines the remote desktop experience by efficiently transmitting 4K data anywhere.

TGX delivers high resolution without sacrificing image quality or impacting performance. This facilitates accurate data interpretation and decision making for any dataset size. Users take advantage of:

teleGraphix is a way to effectively broadcast high data rate transmissions to another device, another location. Obviously, to do that cost effectively without fiber connections, you need a pretty good bandwidth. With teleGraphix, we can effectively move that data using the same bandwidth you'd normally use for HD.

- Mike Hancock, Vice President of Mechdyne Corporation


Exceptional Color

Extreme Resolutions
Exceeding 2 times 4K

High Quality Imagery
at 60 FPS


No Image Artifacts
such as Tearing or
Loss of Pixels

Display Resolution


IT Friendly

IT decisions—like investing in converged infrastructures—can either hinder or help organizational workflows. Decision makers are challenged with balancing essential user demands, data security, and network requirements. TGX is the remote desktop solution without tradeoffs. TGX delivers a high frame rate and low latency to satisfy users' needs. And by streaming pixels, not information, an organization's data remains secure within the converged infrastructure. IT takes advantage of:

  • Less than 50 percent of the bandwidth competition
  • Algorithms built into TGX take advantage of Nvidia and Intel Hardware to optimize performance, sending only changed pixels
  • Usable performance over a WAN for client collaboration session with two times 4k displays

NVIDIA MOSAIC Compatibility

TGX can be used in conjunction with NVIDIA MOSAIC technology. Multi-display MOSAIC configurations can easily be exported by TGX. For example, a 2x2 (4x 1080p HD displays) MOSAIC Display can be exported to the TGX Receiver as a single 4K channel.


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