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The Power 8 Processor

The Power8 processor is the latest RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) microprocessor from IBM and the first processor supporting the new OpenPOWER software environment. Power8 was designed to deliver unprecedented performance for emerging workloads, such as Business Analytics and Big Data applications, Cloud computing and Scale out Data Center workloads. It is fabricated using IBM’s 22-nm Silicon on Insulator (SOI) technology with layers of metal, and it has been designed to significantly improve both single-thread performance and single-core throughput over its predecessor, the POWER7i processor.

Why Power8?

The new Power8 platform introduces the first ever integration of NVIDIA's NVLink High-Speed Interconnect to be hooked directly to the CPUs. This allows data to flow over 2.5X faster than comparable x86-based systems to NVIDIA Tesla Pascal GPUs (SXM2). The Power8 CPU is the only processor to feature the NVLink interface, providing the GPU with access to memory that resides on the CPU side of the interconnect and improving the transfer of data between processors.

The Power8 processor is optimized for server workloads and for simplifying application porting. This provides significant performance benefits for cloud applications, workload optimization features for streaming processing, analytics and big data workloads, and support for organic workload growth. Power8 also includes CAPI, the Coherent Accelerator Processor Interconnect that offers system architects a way to accelerate their workloads with custom accelerators seamlessly integrating with the Power system architecture.

Power8 & NVLink - How It Works

In a dual Power8 NVLink-enabled CPU system featuring four Tesla P100/V100 Pascal GPUs (SXM2), multiple GPUs (up to two pairs of Tesla P100/V100) are interconnected via NVLink. Each CPU and GPU have four interconnects that total 80GB/s of bandwidth. Below is an example of system with dual Power8 processors and quad P100/V100s directly connected to one another:

power8 diagram

Power8 Processor Specifications:


12 Cores (SMT8) -> 96 Threads Per Chip
2x Internal Data Flows/Queues
64K Data Cache / 32K Instruction Cache

512 KB SRAM L2 / Core
96 MB eDRAM Shared L3
Up to 128 MB eDRAM L4 (Off-chip)

Crypto & memory expansion
Tranactional Memory
VMM assist
Data Move / VM Mobility
Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI)


The Exxact Power8 System


Tensor TXR210-2000R

• Up to 4x SXM2 P100 Pascal GPUs with 80GB/s NVLink
• Supports dual POWER8 with NVLink processors
• Up to 2TB DDR4 1600MHz ECC memory
• 2x 2.5" Hot-Swap HDD Bays
• 2U Rackmount